It's an Inside Job

Season 3 Premier: The Pillars of Resilience

January 02, 2023 Jason Birkevold Liem Season 3 Episode 1
It's an Inside Job
Season 3 Premier: The Pillars of Resilience
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Show Notes

As the year has come to a close, it has broadened my perspective and deepened my insights. These reflections have their roots in my research for my articles, the interviews with fascinating people on my podcast, and the work with scores of highly interesting clients.

Resilience has been at the heart of all these three domains. As I have discovered, resilience shows up in various forms. Still, it all comes down to the common denominator of being able to bounce back from life's inevitable setbacks.

To share my insights with you, I've created an amalgam representing the collective understanding I've learned from several coaching clients and the guests on the podcast.

In this episode, I explore the pillars of resilience:

  • Managing Personal Expectations & The Rules We Live By
  • Applying Self Compassion.
  • Shifting perspective: the long game versus the short game
  • The Practice of Gratitude.
  • Talking to others to process emotions and thoughts.

S1 E7:
Embracing the Struggle: How to Embrace Learning & Change
S1 E14:
The Power of the Pen: How Writing Helps You to Process Emotions & Experience
S2 E5:
How to Utilise the Power of Perspective: The Short Game & The Long Game
S2 E10:
The Power & Science of Gratitude to Build a Greater Sense of Well-Being

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